Remove the Confederate Battle Flag from Statehouse grounds because it is not a sovereign flag, not because it is one of many controversial Southern relics and honors. Do not place this issue in the same category as the wave of change many desire in the whitewashing of important historical legacies.

Removing or altering monuments, renaming roads and public buildings, and other attempts to erase visible Southern memorials and memorabilia from our historical consciousness, in an attempt to correct what many see as errors of the past, will inevitably lead to our doing the same for all sections of our nation, for there is no region beyond scrutiny.

Ultimately, we will have none but those we choose to honor today, and there will be endless, costly replacements, all having to meet the criteria of current thinking.

Let us not whitewash our history. Let us remember it.

Let us talk about and debate the whole story. While we are at it, there is certainly nothing wrong with creating new monuments, naming new public buildings, and establishing what will be new relics for future generations.

Each era is a snapshot in time, exhibiting its own unique world view, biases, and insights. Allowing these to stand through the ages is not an acceptance of what those who have gone before us embraced. It is an acknowledgement that they left a unique mark on the rich fabric of our nation, which should be studied and learned from, not necessarily condoned.

Bobby Chandler

Pine Drive

Surfside Beach