If you saw The Post and Courier’s weekly lawmakers vote tally on Feb. 1 you would have seen how our illustrious Republican representatives made us proud to be South Carolinians.

First they passed a bill to weaken the Department of Energy’s ability to review whether natural gas exports are in the public interest.

Then they defeated another bill that would deny natural gas exports to state sponsors of terrorism. Americans are enjoying lower energy costs primarily because of the abundance of American natural gas. Once we make it easier to export that gas, we compete with the rest of the world for it, and energy costs will rise. What were these guys thinking?

Next, lawmakers voted to force federal approval of the XL Keystone pipeline. The pipeline to transport Canadian tar sands crude through America’s heartland to be exported from our Gulf ports would create practically no permanent U.S. jobs and offer no benefit to our energy requirements.

This is nothing more than the Republicans paying off their energy company supporters.

Then, our trustworthy lawmakers refused to force disclosure of campaign finance by very large corporations, like those benefiting from the construction of the XL pipeline.

Finally, our Republican senators failed in their attempt to nullify the designation of 12 million acres of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as permanent wilderness. The designation would protect them from drilling or other developmental activities.

How could we not be proud of Washington representatives?

John Manzi

Little Oak Drive

Folly Beach