The original Sweetgrass Basket Makers Coalition would like to thank Rep. Wendell Gilliard for what he has done for the basket makers through the years.

Rep. Gilliard has always been there for the basket makers. Whenever a problem arose, he always came to our rescue. We disagree with the unwarranted bashing of Rep. Gilliard for suggesting renaming the skyway over the Ravenel bridge for the Sweetgrass Basket Makers. After all, this handcraft has been practiced in the Mount Pleasant area for over 200 years, and is still being practiced daily.

The sweetgrass name has been used throughout the Lowcountry for medical practices, sports groups and subdivisions.

Rep. Gilliard should be commended for his consideration of his constituents whom he pledged to support when he ran for the office.

M. Jeannette Lee


Sweetgrass Basket Makers Coalition

Linnen Lane

Mount Pleasant