Although I am an indigo-blue Democrat, I can understand why many Republicans want to put American boots on the ground to defeat the Islamic State and prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

But if we’re going to war, let’s make sure we all go — not just poor people or middle class kids who can’t find civilian jobs, or non-citizens trying to earn American citizenship by serving.

That means reinstate the draft, but this time include women as well as men.

That way, congresspersons who vote for war would be putting their own sons and daughters in harm’s way, not just other people’s children.

After all, the children and grandchildren of congresspersons are conspicuously absent today from our armed services’ enlisted ranks — as are most sons and daughters of the wealthy, the rich and the ultra-rich.

As long as other people’s children are doing the fighting, war is theoretical to us. With our own children’s boots on the ground, war is real and personal.

As a former Marine and grandfather of four healthy boys who are barreling toward draft age, I pray we negotiate until the last ember of hope is cold.

Skip Johnson

Meeting Street