Last Thursday, April 2, a committee of Charleston County Council led by Council member Colleen Condon met to discuss how the county handles trash and recycling.

During that meeting, Councilman Vic Rawl stated the county spends more than $7 million annually just on recycling. Then Ms. Condon stated the county makes money on recycling — a little over $1 million.

The county spends over $7 million and gets back a little over $1 million and still sends some recyclables to landfills. Does this really make sense?

Now Ms. Condon is proposing spending tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars for a high-tech sorter of recycled trash. During the same meeting, a private company proposed to help with recyclables while converting most of the remaining trash into pellets and selling them to power companies, which in turn will add it to coal fire burning generating stations. Yet, little of this is mentioned in the local media.

Charleston County Council will meet again today, and if you care about how our tax dollars are spent and how we extend the life of our landfills, you should attend.

Chris Drummond

Bagley Drive

Mount Pleasant