I am writing because I am opposed to the efforts of our lawmakers to force Santee Cooper to let all of their industrial customers buy power from out of state. Santee Cooper sells almost $400 million a year in power to these customers.

While I think it is noble to try to help the workers at Century, it is not the government’s job to bail out companies that can’t compete mainly due to China dumping aluminum into the market.

Volvo is spending $500 million to build a plant employing 2,000 to 4,000 people, and Santee Cooper was a huge part of making that happen.

Now legislators are saying Volvo can purchase its power from out of state. That is wrong. Strip Santee Cooper of its industrial consumer base, and it won’t have the funds to make this kind of job creation opportunity happen.

Lastly, if Santee Cooper loses its industrial customers, every customer will see a massive rate increase. There will be way too much capacity, especially when the nuclear plant comes on line. So, lawmakers, worry about roads and schools, and stop meddling in picking which businesses you are going to save and let fail.

I did not see you when Jacobs Technology or Force Protection went under. If we let this happen it will be catastrophic to Santee Cooper and the citizens it serves.

Tom Hamilton

Bradley Bend

Moncks Corner