Let me thank The Post and Courier for the extensive coverage of the issues around Stono Park Elementary (“Tecklenburg taking up battle cry to rebuild Stono Park Elementary,” Feb. 22).

I am deeply troubled by a school board that goes back on its promise to rebuild this school now, years after going to the electorate asking for an additional tax.

This is unfortunate and unwise for a number of reasons. Charleston County citizens in 2010 voted in favor of an additional sales tax to rebuild a number of schools, including Stono Park Elementary. There is nothing ambiguous about that.

The board and the school administration delayed and delayed the work at Stono Park to a point where it is shameful (and maybe even hazardous) that we send children into these classrooms.

The teachers are to be applauded for sustaining student academic achievement at such a high level under these dire circumstances.

The position of board member Chris Staubes is cynical at best when he states that he needs to know if parents would bring their children back if the school is rebuilt. For years nothing was done, and the good parents of “DuWap” were left behind. The only choice for many was to send their children to other schools if they wanted to avoid the situation at Stono.

Do not play a chicken-and-egg game with these parents. The school board promised to rebuild, the electorate approved the funds; now the board has to deliver on its promise and rebuild instead of throwing good money after bad in trying to “update and mitigate.”

Do this and you will get the support of the neighborhood and will have a school location where parents again will send their children.

Mayor John Tecklenburg is right. The board needs to deliver and vote for a total rebuild.

Christian Brutzer

W. Ashley Avenue

Folly Beach