I remember nothing I should have learned from PowerPoint presentations. I remember much of what intelligent men and women said from beside or behind a lectern. I do not remember what they wrote or drew on the blackboard, only their faces, forms, characters and words, and their intelligence as I focused on them from my seat.

True teachers do not use laser thingies to point to screens. True teachers speak to make their points, speaking to the minds of their students.

Yet schools, colleges and universities everywhere are spending millions, sometimes billions to transform classrooms and lecture halls into open, user-friendly arenas with descending screens for viewing videos and slide shows. The true teacher is finally out of the classroom, and we wonder why our students are learning so little.

Why is it happening? Schools and colleges would rather spend millions to look with-it than increase teachers’ salaries and hire real teachers to teach. Teachers are finally figuring it out. Why work so hard for so little pay? No need to work hard daily with commitment, belief, intelligence and spirit to prepare for classroom deliveries, analyses and guidance in the ways of knowledge and insights.

Teachers now can gather materials for visual displays that can be used over and over, semester after semester.

They need only to introduce briefly and point here and there with their laser devices. The teacher has become a manager of information.

American education entropy is being arrested at the level of visual diversion in the classroom. Teachers finally can work as little as the public erroneously has believed they work.

James Rembert

Martins Point Road

Wadmalaw Island