It didn’t take long for Dominion Energy, SCE&G’s buyer, to set the stage for the possibility of rate increases. It’s bad enough that we have to see their repeated ads on TV and in print about how wonderful they are to us, the consumers, while we have no choice at all on who supplies us with our electricity. Skip the ads, just lower your electricity costs.

But on Feb. 1, the CEO of Dominion stated in his quarterly conference call with analysts that the company plans to submit the paperwork next year asking regulators for permission to adjust what it charges Dominion’s 720,000 electric customers. “Those new rates, subject to approval, will become effective on January 1, 2021.”

Unless you still believe in Santa Claus, I doubt Dominion will be asking for a decrease. So get ready, here come the increases.

By the way, I’m still waiting on that $1,000 rebate that was promised earlier as they lobbied us and the Public Service Commission. Guess we’ll get that when Santa shows up. And, yes, I know their deal changed, but it sure felt like bait and switch.

Mike Lewis

Shipwatch Drive

Harbor Island