Reporter Diane Knich wrote a very interesting story about the thoughts of Charleston County Council relative to our road repairs since a gas tax hike was once again avoided. The first idea from Elliott Summey was to increase our sales tax. It is excessive to begin with, but is also the most regressive tax imaginable, punishing the poor the most.

Then Colleen Condon added that while she would support the tax she wanted to see a good amount go to quality of life issues such as sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

That exemplifies the delusional logic of County Council. Only Vic Rawl properly perceived that the public is not likely to support another sales tax increase on vague promises.

Then the bombshell: They want to fund the I-526 shortfall of $300 million. It appears some members of council feel that if they go for a referendum they might as well soak the public for everything they can.

Larry Wiessmann

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island