As I read the Feb 3 Post and Courier I was astounded to see the new director of the S.C. Department of Transportation would be receiving a raise of $24,000, a figure $41,000 higher than her salary as deputy director.

It does not take a rocket scientist to evaluate the condition of state highways. What was she doing during her tenure to improve this deplorable condition? I work in an industry that rewards results. Unfortunately, our state seems to reward the candidate who has the best connections, has been at a job the longest, regardless of their performance, or is simply next in line for a position.

The reason given by Senate President Pro Tem chairman, Hugh Leatherman for the raise, and several other state agency raises was that we had to “pay more to retain talent.” Excuse me? Take a look around and see where your tax dollars have given you great results from this talent. Tie pay to results, and see how fast conditions improve.

Thomas Terry Hamlin

United Drive