Americans for Prosperity, a national organization founded by Charles and David Koch, is currently involved in thwarting attempts by citizens and lawmakers to pass a much-needed increase in the gasoline sales tax. Now, when gas prices are low, would be the time to make this change so that we can invest in improving roads, bridges and public transportation.

Improvements would make roads safer, and more accessible public transportation would ease traffic congestion. Better roads and public transportation would also be a boon to our tourism industry.

But oil billionaires just don’t see the need to increase the gas tax, especially when the increase is not going into their own pockets. Rather, they have come into the state in order to disrupt our legislative process by disseminating lies and misinformation.

Their recent publicity stunt, in which they paid the gas tax for customers at two South Carolina locations, received considerable media attention, highlighting how much cheaper gas would be without the tax. But when the oil industry has raised the price of gas to astronomical levels despite record profits, Americans for Prosperity has been silent.

It is only when we are contributing through our taxes in order to invest in our state and our future that this organization has a lot to say about cost.

It seems that the only prosperity that this group is concerned with is their own.

Agnes F. Pomata

Foxfire Road

Wadmalaw Island