Isn’t it ironic that one of the most liberal organizations in America, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, has been accused of not being racially diverse based on this year’s current Academy Award nominees. Why aren’t other organizations being attacked for lack of racial diversity?

Take both amateur and professional sports, especially basketball and football. Are the teams decided upon by racial diversity or ability? The answer is ability, and that is how it should be. Sports as we know it would cease to exist if ability were superseded by racial diversity. No longer would people be interested if sports were to sink to mediocrity.

I personally do not care what someone’s racial background is when he is promoted, awarded, recognized, etc., as long as his accomplishment is based upon merit. And that is the answer to racial equality: a “colorless” world where everyone has the chance to succeed if that person has the drive to do so.

Using racial diversity as a means of filling certain quotas, whether that be as members of the Academy of Motion Pictures, as members of a sports team or as enrollees in universities, does not promote a drive to succeed.

Instead it creates a world where effort, ability, intelligence and desire are replaced by the need to fill quotas. There should never be mention of one’s ethnicity, religion or sex on any application from here on out.

It is great that this country has so much diversity. This diversity has made us unique. But diversity is an overused word and should be relegated to describing culture, music, intelligence, art, imagination, etc.

Steven McLees

Ashley Villa Circle