I would like to commend Mayor Joe Riley for his consistent endorsement of public parks in the City of Charleston. After reading about Longborough Park, I find it comforting that the city is taking care of those who lack the luxury of enjoying waterfront property.

As a college student I spend nearly all of my time rushing down crowded city streets, taking in hard gray buildings without the opportunity to gaze upon the natural beauty of Charleston.

With all of the issues pressing on the city, including growth, traffic and race relations, the mayor’s interest in public parks is especially admirable. They are an underrated resource.

Nowadays, with the onslaught of technology, it is ever more important to spend time in the natural environment. In nature exists a solace we can find nowhere else.

Only with a waterfront view can we glimpse a great blue heron swooping in to claw a snapping menhaden. Only in nature can we absorb the effulgence of a sunrise. Only in nature can we live outside of our ever present burdens, problems and stress.

I thank the mayor for his brilliant prioritizing and encourage everyone to enjoy Charleston’s beautiful natural landscape.

Take a break from the routine and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities the city has created for you.

Wilson Ford

College of Charleston

George Street