In recent years, citizens have petitioned the Town of Summerville to improve pedestrian safety with more sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic calming measures.

We all mourned the death of a young mother after she was struck walking her bicycle in the crosswalk here last October.

Now we hear that Summerville officials decided the crosswalk was a hazard. It has been removed, along with the two signs warning vehicles to slow for the crosswalk at that location,

What kind of message does this send to pedestrians who feel threatened every time they attempt to cross the street in Summerville? More importantly, what message does it send to motorists? That it’s OK to ignore the safety of pedestrians?

With increased traffic congestion around Summerville, drivers have become less patient and courteous. Other cities and towns around the country are addressing this problem with more conspicuous warnings and penalties for ignoring pedestrian right-of-way.

Our elected officials in Summerville think the solution is to remove crosswalks and force us to jaywalk and risk our lives.

Peter Gorman

East Historic District

Civic Association

Magnolia Street