My heart goes out to the homeowner who had to witness the wanton destruction of several grand trees in his neighborhood so the Beach Company can put in 217 apartments at the Factory at Garco (Post and Courier, April 3). It must have been a gut-wrenching experience.

While the Beach Company had permission to cut the trees, the decision failed to seriously consider the beauty, the shade and the oxygen the trees provided.

I was stunned to learn that permits can actually be given to take down these beautiful, stately trees. This is a travesty.

There should be a law in South Carolina that prohibits removal of any grand oaks except under the most dire of circumstances and then only after a public hearing.

These majestic, essentially irreplaceable, old trees are the redwoods of the South. If developers want to build where these grand oaks live, they must be required to work their plans around the trees.

Add the decimation of these trees to the senseless removal of the trees in the median on 1-26 and the current lightning-speed overbuilding of the greater Charleston area, and the result is the loss of the alluring beauty of the South and Charleston.

Carolyn Engle

Terns Next Road