I read in the Feb. 8 paper about a hidden tax code for motor vehicles, which is not available for the taxpayer to review. The article listed different autos and years and the amount of tax charged.

What got my attention was the statement that taxpayers are not allowed to view the tax code. We the taxpayers are also paying some $50,000 to a company to figure out what to charge for these vehicles.

When our governor was elected, we were promised an era of transparency. What happened? If I am to be taxed on my automobiles, I want to know the hows and whys.

Don’t elected officials in this state have enough gray matter to present a viable tax system of our own? For all I know this has the same transparency as the “National Deadbeat Dad” program the state was ordered to comply with and has not yet been done. Some of my tax dollars have been sent to Washington in fines for 27 years.

I understand that there were problems with the computer system. I also understand that 49 other states are in compliance and could have helped us out 25 years ago.

My purpose is not to bash anyone. Just tell us the facts instead of hiding behind closed doors to determine how, what and why to tax me.

I love the state of South Carolina and would not consider living anywhere else. I just want the truth in government and not smoke and mirrors. I am also a registered voter.

Norm Hilliard

Roselle Avenue

Goose Creek