A little over six years ago I started a quest to get Glenwood Drive repaved. I wrote to Gov. Mark Sanford, explaining that the road was an accident waiting to happen. It was so bad in certain areas that you had to drive in the oncoming lane to dodge being swallowed up by potholes.

For months I reported and documented calls to the S.C. Department of Transportation telling them about potholes that needed to be filled. I made it a matter of record in case someone got killed.

I also sent letters, and I received responses in writing that there wasn’t any money to repave the road. So I let the issue drop until a little over a year ago when it got ridiculously bad. I contacted S.C. Sen. Tom Young Jr.

Being a former Marine squad leader in mortars, I can only liken the appearance of the road going toward Pine Log to a war zone that had been bombed. I asked Sen. Young to look into it. After numerous emails back and forth, the residents of Glenwood Drive finally got satisfaction.

The damaged road was repaved from Pine Log to where it met the undamaged section going toward Silver Bluff. The SCDOT crew did a fabulous job. It even detailed the areas around the drainage sewers, removing the dirt that used to clog the system.

I want to thank all for doing a great job, and a special thanks to Sen. Young for making it happen.

Gregory J. Topliff

Glenwood Drive