I am responding to the recent incident at The Citadel. My first thought was how sophomorically stupid these cadets were. My second thought was about the many stupid things I and we did in our four years at the college. My third thought was this doesn’t define the institution, and I will not give in to the race-baiters who control the media, colleges, and government today.

If anyone wishes to define The Citadel, I would refer them to the thousands who have served, and the 670 alumni who have given their lives for this nation in every conflict from the Mexican War to the War on Terror.

I would refer them to the leaders from military, government, medicine, science, and industry who have graduated and served their nation with distinction and honor.

I would refer them to thousands of men and women graduates whose lives are forever marked by the honor and integrity learned at The Citadel. To the graduates who come from almost every state, economic status, race, and many foreign nations.

I would refer them to contrast one sophomoric, stupid act at The Citadel to the chaos of once proud institutions of learning across this nation that are now shells of political correctness run amok.

I trust that Citadel President Lt. Gen. John Rosa will think on these points before he surrenders to the frenzy lusting for another opportunity to trash a proud, traditional institution.

This should be a time to espouse the greatness of our institution, not to shrink before the onslaught of political correctness.

Shine the light and darkness will flee.

Bob George

Romeo Company

Class of 1967

Redwood Lane

La Habra, Calif.