My wife and I enjoy our morning coffee overlooking the Muni golf course and watching traffic flow over the Stono Bridge from Johns Island. Based on the steady flow of dump trucks, cement trucks and building supply trucks the past few months, we can’t help but wonder if the “keep Johns Island rural” folks are actually minding the store.

Hopefully they won’t be like us James Islanders and wake up one morning to “gathering places” and multi-apartment monstrosities being built without care for infrastructure.

It’s inevitable that Johns Island will be developed. What’s important now is for the good folks there to ensure at least River Road and Bohicket Road remain rural and pristine.

Just as important is making sure Maybank Highway doesn’t look like our “Hamburger Alley,” as we call Folly Road, or the eyesore that is the “business zone” of once-beautiful Highway 61.

All the “rural” we have left on James Island is Riverland Drive, and I have a gut feeling grandiose plans to cut the only forest left on this road are already on someone’s drawing board.

Stopping big-time developers is like stepping in front of a moving train. Just look at the politics involved with Capt. Sam’s Spit. Johns Island’s only choice is to establish hard-core zoning restrictions that will stand in court, and to support the continuation of I-526.

Johns Island is fast being developed. At least with I-526 maybe River and Bohicket roads will be left alone. Even now, trying to get on and off the island during busy times is pretty frustrating.

The people and their autos are coming. There have to be other ways for all these cars to get on and off the island. Make it a parkway. Restrict the speed. Charge a toll. Johns Island really needs this highway.

Larry Agee

Cheraw Drive