Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank’s column of Sept. 4 heralding South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as the “lonely voice of tolerance” in the Republican primary cat fight was obviously written by a guy whose knowledge on the subject was limited to a speech she delivered at the National Press Club.

The Nikki Haley of the past few months is quite a different politician from the one who regularly picked fights with legislators from her own party, even going to the extent of calling them out by name and threatening to campaign against them if they didn’t change their opinions to suit hers. During that period in her political career, Nikki Haley picked more fights with her GOP compadres than Donald Trump ever thought about.

It is well recognized that the governor has visions of Washington sugar plums dancing in her head. But before becoming Ms. Haley’s ex-officio press secretary, Milbank might have done a little research on the long and torturous history of her ethics escapades, her attempts to bully fellow Republicans into following her agenda and her inclination to appoint patently unqualified old pals to plush state jobs.

Actually, Trump and Haley have something in common: He wants to banish all immigrants who don’t have valid green cards, and she wants to banish all Americans who do have valid union cards.

Brett Phillips

Prince Street