It’s time we as parents got off our well-rounded intentions and put our hearts and souls into re-assimilating social values into our children’s lives.

I’m just as guilty as anyone of enabling them with technology that may be abused. It’s our responsibility to do more than buy them the device. These cell phones, laptops, etc., are the vehicles with which our kids can dive into dangerous pools of social media and splash about with little or no understanding of accountability or consequence. Meaningful words come from flowing conversations.

History will repeat itself as often as you let it. Technology is a very different animal. The more an industry perpetuates a “needful” thing, the faster people want to own it. The problem was unforeseen.

These pools of social communication have become vast lakes which reflect very little of reality. Our obligation to teach the art of communication to our kids has been overridden. Texts, instant messaging, Snapchat and all the other non-parental entities tug our children down a river that moves so fast that they can’t possibly see the danger ahead. The time to toss them a lifeline is now.

Try this: Make a deal with your daughter or son. Do without a cell phone for five days. Have them put their cell phones in a box. Have them tape it shut. As a parent, you will show them how to function like responsible adults. Simple note pads or even Daytimers (remember those?) should be filled out, reviewed and agreed to by not only you, but the emerging adult.

If you, as a parent, can’t teach your kids to communicate successfully, then you fail as a parent. On the other hand, if you and yours just try it and find that more face-to-face conversations happen, a lesson will have been learned and hopefully carried forward forever. Without doubt our world needs that. Swim in the ocean and beware of the pool.


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Sullivan’s Island