As far as politics goes, I acknowledge I’m a small spoke in a very large wheel. But after winning five straight countywide elections, I believe I represent a large segment of our community’s thoughts. And by that I mean, I’m confident that Democrats and Republicans alike have Clinton fatigue.

If you recall, we Americans lived through a constant drip of scandal during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Don’t get me wrong, all of us had issues with the Bush presidency, but there were no rumors of personal misconduct during his time in office.

And while many of us disagree with Mr. Obama’s positions or his politics, there have been no rumors of bad behavior during his presidency. But as soon as Mr. Obama picked Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state, the Clinton drip started all over again. I think the facts will bear out that the Clintons got very wealthy during Ms. Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

Even Clinton supporters are tired of the Clinton drip. They are tired of hearing about the off-site private e-mail server, the FOIA request about the Benghazi attack, how much money was given to the Clinton Foundation and how rich the Clintons got while she was secretary of state, and the whispers of Bill Clinton and his female friends getting back into the White House.

As an elected official, I always appreciated endorsements from other elected officials, but I’ve especially appreciated endorsements when they came from an elected official of the opposite political party. So, if Vice President Joe Biden gets into the 2016 presidential race, I’ll be voting for him in the Democratic primary.

I will be voting Republican in the general election.

I do not want our country to be forced to endure another Clinton presidency of lies and deceit, so anything I can do to stop that from happening would be my pleasure and my honor.

Run, Joe, run!