On a recent Sunday morning as I rounded the corner of Anson and Society streets, a lady was in the middle of Society Street trying to coax a very large pelican out of the road to the safety of the sidewalk.

The lady was upset because she thought the pelican’s wings were damaged. A quick examination indicated the bird’s wings were OK.

I left her, now the consummate Good Samaritan in my eyes. An hour later I returned to find the pelican on the sidewalk with our wonderful lady standing by its side.

I would like to say thank you to the wonderful lady who stayed by the pelican’s side. She went above and beyond the call of duty.

The Department of Natural Resources did not respond to a call. It was a Sunday.

Thank you also to the tourism enforcement officer, and to the gentleman who purchased a pound of shrimp ($8 no less) at the Harris Teeter to feed the pelican, even though it would not partake.

And thank you to Charleston’s finest for transporting the pelican to the wildlife center.

On that wonderful Sunday, everything was right with the world.

Raymond W. Maynard

Laurens Street