Reading the recent story about the saturated condition of Stoney Field brought back memories of 50 years ago. It was the dedication game of the brand new stadium with the St. Andrews Rocks vs the Charleston High Bantams. It had been raining hard most of the day and night.

The field was covered with water. In fact, there was so much water on the field that the St. Andrews band members took off their boots and socks, rolled up their pant legs and performed barefoot. This is vivid to me all these years later because I nearly drowned that night recovering a fumble. The Rocks waded to a 13-6 victory.

We need to remember that the area west of Hagood Avenue, where the city police station, the Marriott, Brittlebank Park and the Joe are, is mostly landfill. It was the city dump at one time.

Henry Kennedy

Stono Watch Drive

Johns Island