Charleston: Build it and they will come; but they won’t be able to park anywhere. The parking situation on the peninsula is quickly reaching critical mass.

On Feb. 8 I had to forgo church at St. Michael’s because there was no place to park my tiny car.

I work at a downtown hotel. We barely have enough room for staff and guests to park. Now they’re building a boutique hotel next with no parking.

Rent continues to escalate for those living in the “poorer” areas of the peninsula.

These are people who work in the flourishing hospitality industry, but they are being forced to move off the peninsula.

The only means to get to their jobs is a car, but there is no place for them to park. This has been a problem for years, but it continues to grow.

Every year I am here, I find it harder to enjoy the area I love because I cannot afford to live on the peninsula and I cannot find a place to park.

Downtown is quickly becoming an “NFU” zone (Not For Us).

Many hospitality workers are moving away and taking jobs elsewhere.

This is a game-changer. Unless something is done about the parking situation, the economy will be negatively affected in Charleston.

DeAnn Bright

Ashley River Road