As a 20-year resident of Mount Pleasant, I must speak up. I would like to add my voice to the army of Mount Pleasant residents who feel ignored by those elected to represent us.

It is overwhelmingly obvious that the majority of residents of this beautiful town are opposed to the shortsighted and out-of-control development happening here.

How many of us relocated here to embrace the beauty of the Lowcountry and the sense of community? How many of us were born and raised here and dislike the urbanization of such a great place?

Forty years ago there were 7,000 people here, now there are 80,000.

How many people can the Lowcountry accommodate without becoming another urban jungle? If you ruin what entices people to live here, what do you have left?

Parking garage/office buildings at the mouth of Shem Creek. The Boulevard. The giant structure of apartments and gray, concrete parking garage on the corner of Ben Sawyer and Rifle Range Road.

Banks replacing great little eateries on Coleman Boulevard. Thousands of new houses going up. The lack of access to waterways. The increasing nightmare of traffic issues.

Poor planning for evacuation in the next major hurricane. The fact you can’t ride your bicycle or ride in your golf cart through the Old Village without a hundred angry drivers wanting to mow you down.

Can anyone explain to me how this enhances the quality of life or makes this a place people want to come to?

Laurence Mahorney

McCants Drive

Mount Pleasant