In the June 14 Post and Courier, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote an article on poverty in the United States. She states that after 50 years of “War on Poverty” and the spending of trillions of entitlement dollars, no headway has been made; the percentage of people in poverty has remained unchanged.

She also mentions the conservative position that a rising economic tide will raise all boats, and she insinuates that this has also not worked.

What she did not define is what a “boat” is. It is a person ready and willing to work. So when the economic tide rises and a person is not in the boat, his economic situation will not change.

Being in or out of poverty boils down to being ready and willing to work, using one’s current skill set. Government, no matter how it tries, cannot “give” a person or family out of poverty.

Jerry Johnson

Prestwick Court