On July 16 we will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the new bridge, while losing our old friend. Yes, we are happy to have the new bridge, but a part of us died with losing the old Grace bridge, and I feel that she should not be forgotten.

Progress is good, and we looked forward to the opening of the new bridge. However, we miss our old friend.

She graciously adorned our skyline day and night and from all sides of town. She welcomed ships and their crews in and out of the harbor and carried us on her back for decades.

She didn’t ask much from us, just a facelift now and then, with a touch of paint and asphalt. In her time, she wasn’t a glamorous or fancy lady, compared to her big sister with tall pillars and majestic spans.

But like an old battleship, her days were numbered and she, too, headed to the scrap heap, never to be seen again. Nevertheless, she earned her rightful place in Charleston’s history, and more importantly, a very special place in our hearts.

Noreen Gray-Martin

Indigo Island Drive