I was pleased to read a May 28 letter stating Democrats intend to make Obamacare a campaign issue next year. I agree with this premise and hope they do so.

The author referred to Obamacare as a “train wreck,” quoting former senator Max Baucus, who was to most Democrats as a RINO (Republican In Name Only) is to many Republicans.

The 2012 Senate election could have produced better results for Democrats if they had campaigned more on the merit, success and future potential of Obamacare.

Is it a “train wreck” when millions of Americans who otherwise could not afford quality medical insurance now can be insured, requiring fewer emergency room visits and helping most avoid bankruptcy because of medical bills?

Was it a “train wreck” when we went to war based on propaganda and lies from the previous administration, costing at least a trillion dollars (probably more) and close to 5,000 military lives?

What about the many thousands severely wounded and the huge Iraqi civilian loss of life? All for what? At a minimum Obamacare has a humane, as well as an economic, purpose for our citizens.

Obamacare doomsayers have been refuted by the Office of Budget and Management and other objective criteria.

More nonpartisan politics could produce improvements to Obamacare rather than the incessant criticism from certain quarters.

Bob Richardson

Cynthia Lane