President Obama wants to take away guns from “law-abiding” citizens, so says Ted Cruz and company, those with half a brain.

Does that include those convicted of domestic violence, S.C. legislators? They’re not “law-abiding” citizens after having been convicted of criminal domestic violence, now are they?

All hail the National Rifle Association because most (Republican) S.C. legislators have put more value in their NRA standings than in protecting the lives of women.

In what world does anyone reside where this is acceptable behavior? Yet again, men have no business debating a criminal domestic violence bill that doesn’t include removing guns from convicted abusers.

And even that is a farce. Guns should be removed on the first offense, pending the outcome. As is, you should rename it the Continue Domestic Violence Bill because that is what you are advocating.

I see who wears the pants in this state, and it isn’t the majority of the men in its government. Cue the NRA and its cult members: “Hillary wants to take guns away.”

The narrative is getting old, and so is death by guns in this country.

Cathy Perkins

British Drive

Moncks Corner