I find it unfortunate that you would try to capitalize so quickly on such a tremendous tragedy. The topics you address are complex, and the answers can in no way address what happened.

No law would have impacted this kind of deranged madness in any way. It is pure politics to point fingers at the Legislature. Belittling it for watering down some legislation is pointless.

You do not even attempt to propose a law that could have prevented this insanity. That’s wise because none exists. Meanwhile, the federal government which claims to oppose gun violence is trying to ease up on the guilty by allowing the likes of John Hinckley more freedom.

Not penalizing gun criminals only encourages the exact behavior you claim to abhor. When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, those found guilty were hanged within seven days.

The Second Amendment is equal to, no less and no more than, any other amendment. That includes the First Amendment that allows you to publish whatever you wish, no matter how unseemly.

Larry Wiessmann

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island