Talk of taking down the Confederate flag has again surfaced in the aftermath of the horrible, cowardly crime that was committed at the historical Mother Emanuel AME house of the Lord.

This church has opened its doors to all who believe and want to believe in the word of Jesus Christ. Now the taking of nine lives by a deranged individual with hate in his mind has brought national media coverage here and stirred tensions.

Let well enough alone. The flag is and always will be a part of the South and the heritage it stands for. This flag represents the fight for freedom in which our ancestors believed, black and white. Whether it was deemed right or wrong in years after the Civil War, it’s part of history.

Gun laws that exist now need to be studied extensively. They need to forbid access to dangerous weapons by individuals who have mental issues.

Taking down the flag isn’t the right answer. The history of the flag and what it stood for and still reflects need to be studied, and its true meaning taught in schools.

Barry Gossett

Spring Creek Road

North Charleston