In the dark shadows of those horrifying events which occurred in California, several news broadcasts have debated gun control from either extremes. If there is a middle ground, it has yet to be presented.

Perhaps the real argument is the Second Amendment and the intention of our founders. Scholars have questions as to the language and we may find that it will rise from academia to another Supreme Court decision.

To date, the high court has interpreted the amendment as it was originally intended, but there is no assurance that a future liberally inclined court won’t redefine it, and therein lies our ability to defend liberty.

Of course, no rational person wants an armed camp in his neighborhood, but law enforcement cannot be everywhere. Conversely, we dare not confiscate guns — that would lead to chaos. Now there is the prospect of incremental change which would accomplish the same outcome.

Gradually, only a few individuals may possess a weapon, and the general public would be at risk from those who acquire them on the black market.

These next few years will determine what course we will follow and who will have the courage to defend our liberties.

If, as some believe, our Constitution is an antiquated document no longer relevant in the modern world, that future will indeed look bleak.

Remember, not all our adversaries are of foreign origin.

Gary Fredericks

Harbor Point Court