As the focus on the Legare bridge bike lane continues, I would like to know when West Ashley residents will see the same attention given to the North bridge.

As the North bridge dies a slow death, one can see the growing potholes from thousands of NASCAR drivers in competition with scores of heavy tractor trailers, every day, all day. The ongoing disrepair, poor lane markings and aging corn row down the middle of the bridge are disappointing.

While $2 million to $4 million is scheduled for the lane change on the Legare bridge, we risk our lives every day over this relic.

The S.C. Department of Transportation seems to have forgotten the residents of West Ashley. Further evidence is the forest growing down Orange Grove Road between Sam Rittenberg Boulevard and Ashley Hall Road.

These days a lot of attention is being spread across our great city. How about some attention to our side?

Michael Allen

Downing Street