Deer hunters, landowners, and processors — we must stop this madness.

State Sen. Chip Campsen is still at it. He’s trying to limit the number of bucks and does we lucky hunters can harvest, while charging all of us. Those hunters who aren’t as lucky as some of us aren’t going to be made any luckier with tags. It’s like buying lottery tickets — no guarantee.

How about this? Let us all vote. Send us a survey to see how many hunters are for this. While you’re at it, survey auto insurance companies (they will love more deer/auto accidents), landowners and farmers. Do they really want more deer to feed? Fewer deer shot — more deer to feed. Survey deer processors. I doubt they want fewer deer to process.

A few meetings are being held across the state with minimal public notice regarding Sen. Campsen’s proposal. All hunters need to attend. Let’s not just talk about it at our hunting clubs.

I have a few questions: At what age must one buy tags? Do the unused tags roll over to the next year? How is our small DNR force ever going to effectively enforce these tags?

What about policing still hunters or any private land owners? The Campsen plan is full of holes. Again, DNR should send us all a survey so we can vote. We will live with the results.

John Jackson

Dobson Street

North Charleston