As a “Jewish-American,” I am suffering a micro-aggression. It’s not just wimpy college students who suffer from hearing something that makes them think and disturbs their pursuit of pleasure.

I found out, after calling many local Chinese restaurants, that I cannot go to the movies and have Chinese food on Christmas Day. Except in Israel, Jews the world over, or at least former New Yorkers like myself, survive Christmas by partaking in this annual ritual.

I know, I can hear it: “Go back to ‘off’ where you came from, and eat your Chinese food elsewhere.” But my wife is a Charlestonian, and I have lived here 20 years and love this town. Why can’t I be treated with respect, too?

The new City Council in January should address this immediately so that my anxiety about Christmas 2016 will abate.

All restaurants whose menus feature more than 51 percent Chinese food, as defined by any of the Food Channel celebrities whose heritage is more than 51 percent Asian of Chinese descent, shall be required to be open for dinner on Christmas Day.

In the meantime, my micro-aggression is becoming a major abrasion. Help!

Peter Herman

Wraggborough Lane