With the enormous amount of development taking place in West Ashley and James and Johns islands, who in his right mind would close a northbound lane of the Ashley River Bridge for bicycles and pedestrians?

Furthermore, how’s this being allowed to take place on a state-owned drawbridge? Let’s not forget there’s a 300-unit apartment complex under construction, and the VA Hospital’s parking lot is located a few hundred yards from the Ashley River Bridge at Folly and Albemarle roads. Both will generate more traffic.

I’m not seeing a new dock extending to the Ashley River for a water taxi.

Oh, that’s right, these folks will be among the 1,500 bicyclists and pedestrians crossing the Ashley River Bridge daily going to work or school. This wonderful idea will catch on with others and next a lane of the Wappoo and Stono bridges will be closed too.

Let’s hope and pray not.

Last year an accident on the Ravenel Bridge involving a fuel tanker and a car tied up traffic throughout Charleston County for an entire day.

The flooding of Main Road is bound to happen again because the railroad significantly downsized drainage pipes under their track bed that outflow to the Stono River. There’s not a thing to be done about it because the railroad has to be maintained as a vital link to interstate commerce.

More people are moving to this area every day. Tourists are flocking to Charleston in droves, summer brings beach traffic and another major golf tournament is coming to Kiawah in a few years. Yet a lane of traffic is to be closed on a major thoroughfare for bicycles.

Smarter heads have got to prevail in short order on this issue. State officials and Mayor John Tecklenburg need to nix this plan.

It’s terribly flawed and will make the Monday morning commute on April 4 and days afterward a nightmare.

G.S. Carter

Heriot Street