At the age of 65 I’ve decided it’s time that I come out, but more on this later.

In the past week we’ve witnessed, just to name a few events, the beheading of Christians in Libya, a major earthquake in Nepal, riots in Baltimore, and fierce tornadoes in the Midwest. Yet despite these catastrophic events NBC News has spent considerable time discussing individuals who are having gender identity problems.

Both of these stories are so important that they demand attention from the No. 1 rated national news broadcast.

First, a six-year-old little boy who believes he’s a girl and now, of course, Bruce Jenner, a gold-medal-winning decathlete who is a female trapped in a man’s body.

Well, now to my secret. From my earliest recollection I’ve believed I’m a male. This started when I was a boy, then into adolescence and now as an adult. I’m a man trapped in a man’s body. As a man I shave even when I don’t want to, I like to watch sports and I enjoy the sight of a pretty woman.

This condition, from which I suffer, seems to become more rare each day so perhaps NBC news will provide coverage on me or others who share the same plight. I’m anxiously awaiting their call.

Neil Whitman

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant