I am writing on behalf of residents who currently live in the Weatherstone Subdivision in Summerville. Mayor William Collins and Town Council are working hard in support of constructing a two-lane highway (Bear Island Road). It could be expanded at a later date into four lanes. It would run straight through the middle of our community.

Not only would it divide our community (750 homeowners), it would endanger the lives of our children and pets. It would run through homeowners’ front and back yards, and would be only six feet away from the community center playground, pool and baseball field.

The highway would run through protected wetlands as well. We need to preserve these areas of our delicate ecosystem where native S.C. wildlife — deer, red fox, American eagles, pileated woodpeckers, rabbits, raccoons and many other species seek refuge.

The mayor and Town Council would destroy a community and wetlands in the name of progress. There are alternate routes to the proposed commercial/residential mixed-use enterprise zone, such as Sheep Island Parkway, which runs parallel, in front of our neighborhood.

We are petitioning to save the wetlands and the Weatherstone Neighborhood from the proposed road project.

We spoke to Mayor Collins and Town Council at a meeting on Sept. 8, but received no affirmation our voices were even heard. The residents’ testimony in the Town Council meeting would have broken your heart. We as a community have stopped this highway on more than one occasion; the previous mayor of Summerville, Berlin Myers, vetoed it after hearing our concerns, but somehow it has crept back in with Mayor Collins.

Please help us to keep our community and wildlife safe from harm and prevent this highway from being constructed. Speak up on behalf of the Weatherstone Community residents, and for the native S.C. wildlife that have no voice but need an advocate.

Susan McLean

Delafield Drive