I grew up in a family of six children with a mother who was an environmentalist well before it was politically correct. Her mantra was never litter and always leave a place better than you found it.

We live in one of the most beautiful, biologically diverse and fragile places in the country, and it is our duty to make sure it stays this way. I commend The Post and Courier for its editorial on Feb. 15 endorsing the harbor plastics study. In the meantime, we all can do something to address the problem right now.

When you drive the roads of Charleston County, do you wonder where litter on the roadsides and waterways comes from? The answer is you. If you have a pickup truck, secure any loose trash or supplies in the bed. Even that Mountain Dew bottle or scrap of plastic sheeting that seems so small will eventually end up in our waterways.

When you’re in your boat, the same goes, secure it. When you’re buzzing down the creek you may not notice that fishing line blowing out but it will eventually end up with all the other plastic clogging up the creeks.

It’s easy to use reusable grocery bags, and many times a bag is not even needed. I’ve used these bags for 25 years, and they have become second nature for me. But if you must use plastic, dispose of them responsibly or better yet recycle them. All the grocers have a recycle bin.

I await The Citadel report on the state of our harbor, but we all share the blame and responsibility. Do your part to make our world cleaner for generations to come.


Jasper Boulevard

Sullivan’s Island