On Feb. 5 The Post and Courier published the latest in a long line of polemics by Middle East expert Thomas Friedman, in which he once again lectures the state of Israel on how best to commit suicide.

Friedman calls Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu churlish for going over President Obama’s head directly to Americans through their elected representatives by accepting House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to address Congress.

Friedman advises Mr. Netanyahu to “just lie low” while the president makes every possible effort to assist Iran in achieving its aim of destroying Israel, the “Little Satan.”

In doing so, the president is assisting Iran in its ultimate goal to destroy the United States, the “Great Satan.” So ironically Mr. Netanyahu’s decision to ignore Obama is not only in Israel’s interests but in the interests of the United States as well.

However, the column is not without its amusing aspects. At one point, Mr. Friedman accuses various people (including the ubiquitous “pro-Israel lobby”) of living in “their own self-contained bubble.” He claims that he polled several of his friends, and they “really don’t like this.”

I am reminded of the quote attributed to the movie critic of the New Yorker magazine when he learned that Nixon had won re-election: She exclaimed with great surprise that she couldn’t understand it, since no one she knew voted for him.

Which one of us, Mr. Friedman, is living in his own “self-contained bubble”?

Stuart Kaufman

Old Course Lane

Mount Pleasant