I have discovered a startling fact. It seems that fast-food workers are striving for higher wages and union benefits.

It seems that these people want $15 an hour to make burgers and chicken sandwiches that sell for a dollar. One woman has worked in the field for over 10 years and complains about the minimum wage she receives for her labor.

I was shocked that a person would work at a place for that length of time and still be low man on the totem pole. Minimum wages are not intended to be a career high in your working life. If your goal in life is to flip burgers, then you are getting what you want for the entry level effort you put out.

I have worked at an entry level job with no real advancement offered, which taught me to get a good-paying career. It would require effort and fulfill a need to educate myself, as I did not complete the ninth grade.

I took another entry level job, educated myself constantly and advanced until I retired from that job.

I worked during the day for $6 an hour and went to college at night. The only thing holding you back from better wages is you. There are many educational programs and tutors to help you improve yourself.

I don’t believe that fast-food workers need such an increase in wages.

They need to improve themselves and move up to a career that pays what they want and offers the self-esteem they so need, not settle for a entry level high school kid job.

If you work for years at a fast-food entry level job and cannot make ends meet, then work two shifts, educate yourself and get a better job. There is no other way in a capitalist economy.

Norm Hilliard

Roselle Avenue

Goose Creek