Trying to control violence and killing in the Middle East is a never-ending assignment. These are warring people, and they have been killing one another for thousands of years.

All sides resent outside interference from countries such as the United States, and those who appear to be our friends today will be our most treacherous enemies tomorrow.

However, because they have now chanted “death to America,” and have planted sleeper terrorist cells in our country, we have no choice but to place a powerful stabilizing force on the ground, so that these threats can at least be, for the most part, contained.

We have no choice but to put a massive coalition force on the ground and take out the present threat of ISIS, other developing terrorist cells and the Iranian threat of a nuclear attack against us in the near future by destroying not some but all of their centrifuges and nuclear laboratories.

To maintain the stabilization of the entire Middle East area, it will be vital to maintain a significant coalition force presence after we once again get the area contained.

It will never be over, and we must have presidential leadership that understands this and has the resolve to oversee our military successfully over the long haul.

Anything short of this will mean sure disaster for our nation, and 9/11 would be small compared to what would be in store for future generations.

Mike Moore

Pimpernel Street