Donald Trump has said that when all the delegates are counted, if he is in the lead, he should be the Republican nominee even if he hasn’t reached the “arbitrary” number of 1,237. Furthermore, he contends that it would amount to stealing the nomination if he lost in a subsequent ballot.

The media have done an awful job of explaining why this is untrue.

The number 1,237 is not arbitrary. It represents a majority, 50 percent plus one, and this format has been used since 1860 when the guy in third place was nominated on the third ballot and gave us Abe Lincoln. (Admittedly it was a messy convention.)

Every time we have a local, state or congressional election with multiple candidates, if no one wins a majority of the votes, there is a runoff election. Often the person in second place going in wins the runoff, and everyone seems to understand the logic of that.

The media have delighted in fear mongering by emphasizing Trump’s whining and threats.

Moultrie D. Plowden

Wade Hampton Avenue