I read with alarm that 75,000 new neighbors (Feb. 22 Post and Courier) will descend upon us in the near future, as building in Summerville and Goose Creek is mushrooming. Already the traffic is fearsome, not to mention the infrastructure crumbling away.

Please, could the Berkeley/Charleston/Dorchester Council of Governments move toward options of light rail, commuter rail and integrated bus service soon?

We know that CARTA rider-ship is increasing and taking 12,500 cars off the roads each day. Rail from Summerville to Charleston would remove more cars, and provide an alternative to sitting in traffic.

Readers are telling us that parking is a problem on the Charleston peninsula for folks who work, but can’t afford to live there.

Increased mass transit would be the solution to many of our traffic woes.

Denice Caywood

White Pine Way