Journalists have repeatedly chided the Obama administration for the opaqueness of the executive office since he promised “the most transparent presidency in history.”

Most of us have given up expecting anything but disingenuous spin. President Obama revealed the transparent truth about his ideology when he suggested everyone be required by law to vote.

He implied that massive campaign contributions would be counteracted by a compulsory voting law. He seemed to suggest a fine for non-voters. He further declared that with a mandatory vote, mega bucks could no longer win elections. He suggested the little guys, the poor and minorities would finally have a voice.

I have disagreed with most of what President Obama has done in his six-plus years, but the threat of an enforced vote is a far more egregious scheme than his 2009 Stimulus Recovery Act or his other wealth redistribution ploys or his so-called Affordable Care Act or any of his potentially unconstitutional executive orders.

A mandatory voting law is the most treacherous anti-liberty tactic ever proposed by any president.

President Obama was correct when he said it would change the political map of our country.

Progressive ideologues always attempt to penalize or entice us to vote away our liberties and freedoms.

There is little difference in prescribing a fine, a tax credit or direct cash bribe for the mandatory vote. The result is the same. If scammed into law somehow, our Republic would be doomed to become a total welfare state.

James H. White

Commonwealth Circle