My wife and I travel St. Andrews Boulevard every Friday between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. In the last three years we have seen only a handful of cyclists in the bike lanes.

Some use the sidewalks, and a few use the bike lane against traffic. How much have taxpayers contributed for these bike lanes that aren’t used?

In other areas of the county we’ve seen many in Spandex, heads down watching the front wheel, ear buds in, oblivious to drivers who are expected to give clearance of seven feet when passing. They dare us to pass them on a 55 mph road, riding, in some cases, three abreast at 20-25 mph.

Many of them wear dark clothing and have no lights, making it dangerous for the vehicular majority. No horn or bell or whistle to warn people around them.

I have read articles about Europeans riding bikes to work, but this is in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Scotland, etc., where the average high temp is in the 70s. This area sees those temperatures in April and May then October and November.

If bikes were in full use for commuting year round in the tri-county area, those folks would next demand their employers provide showers and lockers.

These cyclists should be required to be licensed and insured, wear reflective clothing and not use earbuds. I further suggest that all cyclists be required to use the sidewalks (change the name from sidewalk to ridewalks) except on the Charleston peninsula. Motorists have enough to look at with ever-increasing traffic.

Our politicos could look at the excellent ridewalks on Kiawah and Hilton Head islands. Perhaps SCE&G would allow ridewalks beneath their power lines.

Thomas Lawson

Tacky Point Road

Wadmalaw Island