Recently I was on the Crosstown coming from I-26, intending to make the left turn to go south on Lockwood Boulevard. It was shortly after 5 p.m. and the Friday afternoon traffic was so heavy it took two cycles of the traffic light at Lockwood to make the turn.

While waiting in line I observed one of the panhandlers who have become so numerous at many of Charleston’s intersections.

This man was in the process of leaving his post, and I watched as he left the corner to go to his car which was parked under the overpass. He appeared to be talking on his cell phone as he got in his car. Nice car too.

Cars? Cell phones? I wasn’t aware that street corner soliciting was so lucrative.

Panhandling appears to be a “growth business” in Charleston. I am informed that we can’t stop these people, but can’t we at least require that they acquire city business licenses and file tax returns?

Peter Nistad

South Battery