A recent letter writer compared the Koch brothers to dictators. This comparison is absurd, as the Koch brothers donate to causes and candidates who support individual liberty and free markets, the very antithesis of a dictator’s agenda. From 1989 to 2014, the Koch brothers donated about $18 million to conservative causes and campaigns. That places them 59th in the country in political donations in that period. Hard to believe the 59th ranked donors get so much political and media attention.

There are 58 individuals, corporations and organizations that have donated more, including 18 labor unions. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has donated over $60 million and the National Education Association has donated over $53 million in the same period.

To really see the corrosive potential of political donations, you should Google “Democracy Alliance.” You’ll find the secretive group of ultra-rich leftists that fund radicals like #blacklivesmatter around the country. They funded the outside agitators that ignited the racial violence in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, Md. I can’t imagine a more cynical, heartless goal than fomenting racial division and violence to promote a political agenda.

So it’s time to hold the hypocritical crocodile tears about money in politics and the Koch brothers.

David T. Barton

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